Catch Our Vision

of Helping You Grow as a Follower of Jesus

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Catch Our Vision

of Helping You Grow as a Follower of Jesus

Huntington Beach Church exists...

To help you grow as a follower of Jesus Christ so that you can enjoy a relationship with God and make a lasting difference in this world for His glory. 

HBC offers help, healing, and hope through a Christ-centered community.

We have a quality staff available to help guide you spiritually...

Our ministries focus on your "heart, head and hands" which means we will help you grow holistically as a disciple.  We will help you worship God, learn all that He has taught us in His Word, and serve Him in ways that will make a real difference in this world.  Come this weekend and meet Pastor Jason Robertson and the HBChurch family.

Life Groups in homes...

Our Life Groups are where groups of friends come together to pray, fellowship, discuss the Bible together, and do ministry together.  Life Groups are the hub of ministry, missions, care, accountability, and encouragement.

Bible Studies for all ages...

Bible studies are provided each week so that all of us can continue to learn the Bible.  The amount of wisdom and truth in the Scriptures is endless!  You will find that HBChurch loves to study God's Word.