What is real? Is there really a God or gods? Are there real guidelines for life, or are they simply human constructions? Where can I find a dependable light to guide me through this confusing and sometimes dark world? What can be the source of all the abnormalities, suffering and evil? Who am I really, and what does it mean to be a human being? What should I be doing here? Do I have a task, any responsibility? Where am I going, and what will happen to me the day I die? What does my relationship to others imply? Should I try to change this world, and if so, how should it be done? Huntington Beach Church is constantly answering these questions through our teaching and mentoring in a multigenerational, multicultural Christian community.

HBChurch offers help, healing, and hope through a Christ-centered community that is learning to love God and one another.

Some churches have great music, some great teaching, some great missions. HBCHURCH has all three!

HBChurch believes God has created each of us with a purpose that brings us joy in life.  Our sin has separated us from God and His purpose, but Jesus Christ has purchased our salvation through His death and resurrection.  By faith in Jesus Christ, we are forgiven of our sins, have a personal relationship with God, and live our purpose with joy in this world.

We are committed to bringing the gospel to our local communities, nation, and world.  Our joy is finding ways to share the good news of Jesus Christ with people and helping them to be His disciples.   We love to see God using us to make a real difference in this world for His glory! Join us!

At HB CHURCH you will find authentic worship and real biblical teaching.

If you are wanting to celebrate your love and passion for Jesus Christ and His mercies, join us at 10:50 AM on Sunday's.  The worship service is truly inspiring.  And Pastor Jason teaches straight from the Bible the life-changing truths of the gospel.  People of every age and background find this church to be exactly what they need and what they have been longing for.  Come see for yourself!

Our Doctrinal Statement:

HBChurch believes the gospel of Jesus Christ and affirms the Biblical doctrines that are outlined in this wonderful doctrinal statement called The Faith and MessageIf you are looking for more details about our doctrinal beliefs then just follow this link .

We believe in living out our faith in a way that makes a real difference in this world.  Join us!

We partner with and support nearly 10,000 missionaries, hundreds of church planters, disaster relief programs, and multiple seminaries and colleges.  In Orange County we partner with 131 other SBC congregations representing 47 countries and speaking 11 different languages in worship. Our cooperation is our strength. The Lord has brought the nations to us, and we are constantly seeking new ways to advance His Kingdom together.

Huntington Beach Church exists...

To help you grow as a follower of Jesus Christ so that you can enjoy a relationship with God and make a lasting difference in this world for His glory. 

We have a quality staff available to help guide you spiritually.

Our ministries focus on your "heart, head and hands" which means we will help you grow holistically as a disciple.  We will help you worship God, learn all that He has taught us in His Word, and serve Him in ways that will make a real difference in this world.