"LIFE is Sweet" Annual Banquet

Thursday, May 09, 2019, 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Location: The Rose Center, 14140 All American Way, Westminster, Westminster, CA US 92683

Cost: $80.00

Dear HBChurch Family,

It’s just like our church to respond so quickly to an opportunity to bless others! As of today, I have received texts and emails from our church family that has nearly filled up all the available spots at the “Life is Sweet” Banquet. I asked Life Groups to participate, but the seats are almost filled before our Life Groups could even meet. There are just a handful of seats left.

So here is what you can do: your Life Group can send one or two people to the banquet to represent your Life Group. Everyone in the Life Group can chip in a little money and pay for their seat and if you have extra money you can give it to them to donate or buy raffle tickets and win prizes!

Since the banquet is full, the clinic’s banquet website is closed, and no more reservations are being taken. But the Horizon clinic staff has called me personally today to thank our church for being such big supporters. They said that if I let them know by Friday how many more people from our church would like to go, they will try their best to help find seats.

Talk among yourselves, raise the funds, and let me know by Friday who can go.

Our God is awesome; our church is awesome, and the children are worth all of this and more!

Pastor Jason


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