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The #MeToo Series

Series Archives

Sexual abuse, sexual violence, and sexual harassment are systemic problems in the world. During this series of sermons, I am going to take you all over the Bible to give you a comprehensive, clear understanding of what the Bible says and what we can do about these issues.

The Most Amazing Prayer

Find out why the prayer recorded in John 17 is considered the greatest prayer ever. Pastor Jason goes verse-by-verse through this chapter explaining the amazing truths found therein.  Download the notes and listen and let God's Word transform your life.

Upward Investments

The Bible is filled with wisdom on how to invest your life in that which matters most – that which has eternal value.  This series will help you discover that wisdom and enjoy the eternal rewards that are waiting for you.

God of the Broken

We are broken people in a broken world. Often we try to hide it, but many of us have failed, feel depressed or rejected, experience relentless grief and pain, come from families of dysfunction, and more. It would help us to know that God is the God of the Broken.

Stand-Alone Sermons

These sermons are not part of a series.  Each of these stand-alone sermons addresses a topic or text in the Bible meant to transform your life and help you be a stronger follower of Jesus.


Have you ever been mad at God? Sometimes that happens, especially when everything in your life seems to be falling apart. That happened to someone named Habakkuk in the Bible. In this sermon series you find out what happened to him and find wisdom for your life in this mad, mad world.