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Aug 11, 2019 | Jason Robertson

Heaven is a Place of God's Eternal Goodness

Psalms 23:6

In heaven, we will be reunited with those who love Jesus; we will be rewarded for our faith, hope & love; and we will be assigned work that we enjoy doing.

How should I live on earth if I’m going to heaven? I should: (1) Remember my time here is temporary, (2) Recognize what’s going to last and what won’t last, (3) Reject the world’s values and priorities, (4) Resist being detoured by temporary temptations, (5) Refuse to be discouraged by trouble, (6) Reach out to bring others to heaven too, and (7) Remind myself daily that heaven is waiting.

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Is God really always good? What about the pain, conflict, suffering, and loss in our lives? God’s goodness is present whether we feel it or not, and it is not based on our goodness. Focusing on God’s goodness is important because His goodness is the center of our relationship with Him. Understanding His goodness enables us to see Him as the key person in our lives, but we can’t love and trust God if we don’t understand His goodness.