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Jun 09, 2019 | Jason Robertson

How To Be Led By God

Psalms 23:1-3

Life is full of decisions: What job? What school? Which friends? Decisions can be stressful because they all have consequences, but God wants to lead us in the right paths using his Word in the Bible as a roadmap and his Spirit as our personal guide. God’s will for us may seem hidden because we often look for the wrong things and let the wrong influences lead us. Listen to Dr. Robertson's message about how to be led by God's Spirit as he continued his verse by verse series through Psalm 23.

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Is God really always good? What about the pain, conflict, suffering, and loss in our lives? God’s goodness is present whether we feel it or not, and it is not based on our goodness. Focusing on God’s goodness is important because His goodness is the center of our relationship with Him. Understanding His goodness enables us to see Him as the key person in our lives, but we can’t love and trust God if we don’t understand His goodness.