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So You Can Have Certainty

Jason Robertson | April 5, 2020

Dr. Jason Robertson explains how that Dr. Lukes historical record in the Book of Acts is an extremely reliable source for understanding and believing in the facts about Christianity. 

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ENDGAME: The Book of Acts

The Church began in Eden and was equipped, trained, and prepared over centuries for the "endgame." In the Book of Acts, we find the exciting beginnings of the endgame. You have a role and responsibility to play in this amazing story!


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Living in the Goodness of God

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Is God really always good? What about the pain, conflict, suffering, and loss in our lives? God’s goodness is present whether we feel it or not, and it is not based on our goodness. Focusing on God’s goodness is important because His goodness is the center of our relationship with Him. Understanding His goodness enables us to see Him as the key person in our lives, but we can’t love and trust God if we don’t understand His goodness.